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Swiss Int. Air Lines above the Alps
A Video made by M. Magee (www.magee.ch) for Swiss Air Lines. You get this video to see everytime you bord a longhaul flight opperated by SWR. Enjoy the Snow Caped Mountains and the lovely music! You...

Tags //
A320,  A330,  A340,  Airbus,  Alps,  MD11,  Mountains,  Swiss 
Location: Above the Swiss Alps
Country: Switzerland       Date: 03-03-1999

Added: 3878 days ago by
Henry Tenby
Runtime: 09:15 | Views: 24518 | Comments: 0
      (1 ratings)
Air-to-Air of Airbus A319 Hamburg International
Air-to-Air video clip of An Airbus A319 of Hamburg International

Tags //
A319,  Airbus,  Hamburg  International 
Location: in flight
Country: Germany       Date: 27-03-2003

Added: 3882 days ago by
Henry Tenby
Runtime: 04:56 | Views: 25452 | Comments: 2
      (1 ratings)
Swiss Air Airbus air-to-air footage
Swissair air-to-air footage of their Airbus fleet over the snowy Swiss Alps including the A330, A320, A340.

Tags //
Air,  Lines,  Swiss 
Location: inflight over the Alps
Country: Switzerland       Date: 02-02-2000

Added: 3882 days ago by
Henry Tenby
Runtime: 01:24 | Views: 22918 | Comments: 1
      (1 ratings)
Boeing 707 and Comet introduction to service
This period film clip from the late 1950s explains the rival between the Boeing 707 and De Havilland Comet as both aircraft were ordered by BOAC.

Tags //
BOAC,  Comet,  707 
Location: New York and London
Country: United Kingdom       Date: 25-03-1959

Added: 3977 days ago by
Ken Sayers
Runtime: 01:50 | Views: 23698 | Comments: 0
      (1 ratings)
Boeing 737-800 Brisbane arrival
Qantas 737-800 QF520 arrives at Brisbane Airport, Queensland.

Tags //
Qantas,  Boeing  737,  Brisbane 
Location: Brisbane Intl Airport, Queensland
Country: Australia       Date: 15-03-2008

Added: 4086 days ago by
Mark Jones
Runtime: 05:42 | Views: 31576 | Comments: 0
      (1 ratings)
Wings Over The Illawarra pt1. Connie
...she was a bit shy at the start but HARS's Lockheed Super Constellation is still 'Queen of the Skies'. (www.hars.org.au)

Tags //
Lockheed,  Super  Constellation,  HARS,  Connie 
Location: Illawarra Regional Airport, Wollongong, NSW.
Country: Australia       Date: 08-03-2008

Added: 4093 days ago by
Mark Jones
Runtime: 07:49 | Views: 24596 | Comments: 0
      (1 ratings)
Martin Mars Vancouver demo Friday JAN 18/08
AirlineTV.net videographer Henry Tenby shot this footage of the Coulson Martin Mars C-FLYL Hawaii Mars during its water drop demonstration at Vancouver Harbour on January 19, 2008. At the controls were Captains Steven Wall and...

Tags //
Coulson,  Flying  Tankers,  Martin  Mars,  Vancouver  Harbour 
Location: Vancouver Harbour
Country: Canada       Date: 18-01-2008

Added: 4139 days ago by
Henry Tenby
Runtime: 01:21 | Views: 24038 | Comments: 0
      (1 ratings)
Interflug Illyushin IL-62 hard landing 1989
This TV news report from 1989 shows footage of an emergency landing of an Interflug Illyushin IL-62 at a grass airfield. I think the pilots could not lower the flaps to landing settings so he...

Tags //
Interflug,  IL-62,  IL62,  Illyushin 
Location: unknown airfield in East Germany
Country: Germany       Date: 27-04-1989

Added: 4167 days ago by
Ken Sayers
Runtime: 00:13 | Views: 20783 | Comments: 1
      (1 ratings)
Ilyushin IL62 and IL86 video collection
A nice collection of clips of Ilyushin IL62 and IL86 aircraft landing at Moscow

Tags //
Ilyushin,  IL62,  IL86,  IL-62,  IL-86 
Location: Moscow
Country: Russian Federation       Date: 24-05-2002

Added: 4199 days ago by
Ken Sayers
Runtime: 01:55 | Views: 21597 | Comments: 1
      (1 ratings)
Lockheed Electra Startup and Takeoff
By the Cielo Company. A video from in the passenger cabin of the L188.

Tags //
L-188  L188  Lockheed  Electra  Reeve 

Added: 4217 days ago by
Runtime: 04:46 | Views: 23868 | Comments: 0
      (1 ratings)
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