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Spantax CV990 Coronado early 1980s by Richard Watts
The vintage jet was a regular visitor to Exeter Airport, in the early 80's. Filmed by Richard Watts. Sorry for poor VHS quality and no tripod.

Tags //
  Coronado,  CV990,  Exeter,  Spantax 
Location: Exeter Airport
Country: United Kingdom       Date: 02-02-1982

Added: 3768 days ago by
Henry Tenby
Runtime: 00:45 | Views: 20444 | Comments: 0
      (1 ratings)
Pan Am Boeing 377 Stratocruiser Promo Film 1950 (Part lll)
Pan Am Boeing 377 Stratocruiser Promo Film 1950 (Part lll)

Tags //
Boeing  377,  Stratocruiser,  Pan  Am,  Pan  American 
Location: various locations
Country: United States       Date: 02-02-1950

Added: 3768 days ago by
Henry Tenby
Runtime: 07:56 | Views: 25766 | Comments: 0
      (1 ratings)
De Havilland Comet XS235 G-CPDA Fast Taxi Run
De Havilland Comet XS235 G-CPDA Taxi Run at Bruntingthorpe at the Cold War Jets day, May 2008

Tags //
airplane,  bruntingthorpe,  canopus,  cold,  comet,  De,  fast,  G-CPDA,  Havilland,  taxi,  war,  XS235 
Location: Bruntingthorpe
Country: United Kingdom       Date: 28-05-2008

Added: 3773 days ago by
Henry Tenby
Runtime: 02:56 | Views: 24562 | Comments: 1
      (1 ratings)
Qantas celebrates 60 years of flying to South Africa
Video footage and images of Qantas operations to South Africa including the inaugural survey flight. Includes footage of Qantas Lancastrian, Constellation, Lockheed Electra and more.

Tags //
Qantas,  Lockheed,  Constellation,  Electra,  Lancastrian 
Location: Sydney
Country: Australia       Date: 02-02-2008

Added: 3805 days ago by
Henry Tenby
Runtime: 05:55 | Views: 24219 | Comments: 0
      (1 ratings)
Air Charter Express DC-8-63F 9G-AXA
Landing and takeoff of Air Charter Express DC-8 9G-AXA at it's home base Ostend (OST-EBOS)

Tags //
9G-AXA,  ACE,  DC-8,  DC8,  EBOS,  Ostend 
Location: Ostend
Country: Belgium       Date: 02-02-2008

Added: 3824 days ago by
Henry Tenby
Runtime: 04:45 | Views: 21470 | Comments: 0
      (1 ratings)
Cygnus Air DC-8-62 EC-EMD starting engines
Cygnus Air DC-8-62 EC-EMD starting engines. Vuelo de despedida del avion DC8/62F EC-EMD. Tras muchos aƱos operando para Iberia y C.Ygnus Air, con este video se despide de nosotros y pasa a otro operador, posiblemente...

Tags //
Cygnus,  DC-8-62,  classic  jetliner 
Location: Madrid Airport
Country: Spain       Date: 02-02-2004

Added: 3824 days ago by
Henry Tenby
Runtime: 08:00 | Views: 21573 | Comments: 0
      (1 ratings)
B25 Mitchells Fly in IMC Part 4
Part 4 of the incredible story of flying restored WW2 B25 Mitchell warbirds over the Atlantic for the movie Hannover Street, filmed in 1979.

Tags //
Boeing,  B-25,  Mitchell,  warbird,  USAF,  Hannover  Street  movie 
Location: various locations
Country: United Kingdom       Date: 02-02-1979

Added: 3836 days ago by
Henry Tenby
Runtime: 09:19 | Views: 28959 | Comments: 0
      (1 ratings)
Holland's best Aircraft Spotting Site has been closed permamently last saturday januari 26..!Watch the video,and by the way: due sircumstances did confused the Airbus 321-231 with a B-767...SORRY about that! Also look-out for my newest...

Tags //
AMS,  Schiphol,  spotters,  spotting,  Amsterdam 
Location: AMS
Country: Netherlands       Date: 02-02-2008

Added: 3869 days ago by
Henry Tenby
Runtime: 03:48 | Views: 17839 | Comments: 0
      (1 ratings)
Amsterdam Airport Video POLDERBAAN 18R FEB 17 2008
PURE "HEAVY JETS LANDINGS" at runway one eight right...filmed in front and behind...by Alex Alberto. Superb footage!

Tags //
747,  Alexalberto,  BOEING,  JETS,  Schiphol,  Spotters,  Spotting 
Location: Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
Country: Netherlands       Date: 17-02-2008

Added: 3869 days ago by
Henry Tenby
Runtime: 08:22 | Views: 28265 | Comments: 0
      (1 ratings)
IL-18 IL-20 aborted take-off Angola SEP 26/08 Angola
The IIyushin IL-18 IL-20 aborts its take off roll at Cabinda, Angola on September 26, 2008, and runs off the runway into a cloud of dust and smoke. The pilot hit the brakes fairly hard...

Tags //
IL-18,  IL-20,  aborted  take  off,  Ilyushin 

Added: 3873 days ago by
Henry Tenby
Runtime: 03:11 | Views: 20502 | Comments: 0
      (1 ratings)
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