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BAC One Eleven promo movie early 70s with Court Line and more - film 2
BAC One Eleven promo movie early 70s with Court Line and more

Tags //
BAC,  One  Eleven,  Court,  BAC,  111 
Location: various locations
Country: United Kingdom       Date: 02-02-1970

Added: 3202 days ago by
Ken Sayers
Runtime: 01:14 | Views: 17562 | Comments: 2
      (1 ratings)
BAC One Eleven promo movie early 70s with Court Lines and more
BAC One Eleven promo movie early 70s with Court Lines and more

Tags //
BAC,  BAC-111,  One  Eleven,  Court,  Peru,   
Location: various locations
Country: United Kingdom       Date: 02-02-1970

Added: 3202 days ago by
Ken Sayers
Runtime: 04:14 | Views: 17659 | Comments: 2
      (1 ratings)
Perfect Hard Bumpy Landing by a Boeing 707 of TAP.
An authentic old school style landing with hard and bumpy contact on the runway by this one Boeing 707-300 of TAP (Transportes Aereos Portugueses) in the early 70s. Enjoy it.

Tags //
boeing,  707,  300,  TAP,  transportes,  aereos,  portugueses,  landing,  hard,  bumpy,  perfect,  old,  school,  style,  airplane,  classic 
Location: some in Portugal
Country: Portugal       Date: 02-02-1977

Added: 3284 days ago by
Ken Sayers
Runtime: 00:31 | Views: 31082 | Comments: 1
      (1 ratings)
John Travolta Boeing 707-138 at LGW OCT 2009
Mr. Travolta performs a rather neat landing on a sunny Gatwick afternoon.

Tags //
Qantas,  John,  Travolta,  Boeing,  707-138B,  gatwick,  EGKK,  LGW 
Location: London Gatwick Airport
Country: United Kingdom       Date: 15-10-2009

Added: 3284 days ago by
Ken Sayers
Runtime: 01:06 | Views: 25674 | Comments: 2
      (1 ratings)
DLR Fokker VFW-614 at Lelystad airshow 2004
DLR Flugbetriebe Fokker VFW 614 D-ADAM (c/n G17) performing at the Lelystad Airshow April 2004

Tags //
VFW,  614,  D-ADAM,  Lelystad,  airshow 
Location: Lelystad
Country: Netherlands       Date: 04-04-2004

Added: 3584 days ago by

Runtime: 01:36 | Views: 19410 | Comments: 0
      (1 ratings)
Pan Am 747 video including inflight footage
The fully-restored video of Pan Am Clipper Ocean Pearl 747 taken back in the mid-1980s over Florida. Originally edited by Tom Sceurman. Aerial camera/video by Clay Lacy. Extended video edit by Sparkingwave.

Tags //
Pan,  Am,  747,  Clipper,  Boeing 
Location: inflight
Country: United States       Date: 02-02-1985

Added: 3631 days ago by
Ken Sayers
Runtime: 09:20 | Views: 24267 | Comments: 1
      (1 ratings)
Aer Lingus Classics - DVD Preview
Order this DVD here: http://henrytenby.com/DVDs/Lingusdvd.html The Aer Lingus promo film "Shamrocks Sky High" played in Irish cinemas along with "The Graduate" to promote the airline’s dedicated and highly trained staff, latest aircraft (Boeing 707s, BAC One Elevens...

Tags //
Aer  Lingus,  Boeing  707,  747,  Pope  visit,  Dublin,  Shannon  airport 
Location: Dublin Airport
Country: Ireland       Date: 24-03-1967

Added: 3893 days ago by
Henry Tenby
Runtime: 02:46 | Views: 28320 | Comments: 0
      (1 ratings)
Athen old airport Hellenikon 1950s with BEA Comet Viscount etc and more
Rare views of the old Hellenikon airport at Athens, Greece in late 50s. Includes some nice vintage airliners including Lufthansa Viscount, Comets of BEA and Olympic Airways, an Avro York, Olympic DC-3 and more. Also...

Tags //
athens,  hellenikon,  airport,  vickers  viscount,  caravelle,  DC-3,  DC-6,  comet,  BEA,  olympic,  Lufthansa 
Location: Athens Airport
Country: Greece       Date: 02-02-1959

Added: 3923 days ago by
Henry Tenby
Runtime: 02:22 | Views: 33180 | Comments: 0
      (1 ratings)
1984 Peugeot commercial with NWT Air L-100-30 Hercules
Tony Jarvis provides us with the following report on this commercial: This is NWT Air's Hercules C-GHPW with Captain Bob Foote, F/O David Cameron, F/E Jim Stewart and behind them a very nervous Norm Geiger...

Tags //
NWT  Air,  L-100,  Hercules,  commercial,  Peugot,  Peugeot 
Location: Sprey Lakes, Alberta
Country: Canada       Date: 26-02-1984

Added: 3949 days ago by
Henry Tenby
Runtime: 01:00 | Views: 29805 | Comments: 0
      (1 ratings)
BAC 1-11 Royal Air Force of Oman RIAT Airshow
So nice to see this classic British airliner back in British skies well if for one day anyway.Very rare to see one of these flying over here now. Videographer not known.

Tags //
BAC  1-11,  One  Eleven,  RIAT,  Oman,  BAC111 
Location: RIAT Airshow
Country: United Kingdom       Date: 02-02-2007

Added: 3949 days ago by
Henry Tenby
Runtime: 01:13 | Views: 17319 | Comments: 0
      (1 ratings)
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