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Global International Boeing 707 gear up landing incident
This tv news clip shows a Global International Boeing 707 gear up landing which is quite spectacular. I do not know the date or airport but I suspect this footage dates from the early 1980s.

Tags //
Global  International,  B707,  Boeing  707,  gear-up  landing,  incident,  accident 
Location: airport location unknown
Country: United States      

Added: 4259 days ago by
Ken Sayers
Runtime: 00:43 | Views: 291279 | Comments: 2
     (2 ratings)
Air Creebec HS748 DVD Preview: Moosonee Operations
Air Creebec operates two freighter Hawker Siddeley HS748s on cargo routes in Northwestern Ontario from their base at Timmins. This DVD examines the Air Creebec HS748 operation at Moosonee, Timmins and Cochrane. Moosonee Operations Supervisor...

Tags //
Air,  Creebec,  HS748,  Avro,  748,  Moosonee,  Hawker,  Sideley 
Location: Moosonee Airport
Country: Canada       Date: 14-09-2010

Added: 2830 days ago by
Henry Tenby
Runtime: 05:03 | Views: 220994 | Comments: 0
Abbotsford Airshow 2009 highlights -- AirlineTV.net report
Alan Robertson and Henry Tenby of AirlineTV.net present a round up of what to expect in attendance at the 2009 Abbotsford Airshow. Filmed on the show's August 6, 2009 media day.

Tags //
Abbotsford  Airshow,  Henry  Tenby,  Alan  Robertson 
Location: Abbotsford Airshow 2009
Country: Canada       Date: 06-08-2009

Added: 3513 days ago by
Henry Tenby
Runtime: 01:59 | Views: 87076 | Comments: 1
    (1 ratings)
UN aircraft action in Africa - Caravelle, IL76, An-12, C130
Some very nice footage of various aircraft in service with the UN working out of isolated airstrips in the Congo and other locations in Central Africa. The star of the show is the white Caravelle...

Tags //
Se-210,  Caravelle,  727,  Antonov,  An-12,  IL-76,  C130,  Herc,  Hercules 
Location: various dirt strips in Zaire and other locations
Country: Ethiopia      

Added: 4406 days ago by
Ken Sayers
Runtime: 03:09 | Views: 66620 | Comments: 7
      (4 ratings)
Joe Patroni & The Boeing 707-300C
An ex-Flying Tiger bird (They had sold their

Tags //
aviation    space    George    Kennedy    Airport    Boeing    707   

Added: 3825 days ago by

Runtime: 03:53 | Views: 55929 | Comments: 0
     (1 ratings)
American Airlines 707 Los Angeles advert 1960s
This black and white advert was produced by American Airlines in the 1960s to promote California as a holiday destination. The American Airlines 707 landing sequence at the end of the clip is the star...

Tags //
American  Airlines,  Boeing,  707,  landing 
Location: London
Country: United Kingdom      

Added: 4153 days ago by
Ken Sayers
Runtime: 01:02 | Views: 51993 | Comments: 0
      (2 ratings)
China Airlines 737-800 catches fire at Okinawa AUG 20 2007
Passengers used emergency slides to evacuate a China Airlines 737-800 just minutes before the plane burst into a fireball on Monday August 20, 2007, on the tarmac. All 165 people aboard escaped unhurt, including the...

Tags //
China  Airlines,  Boeing,  737-800,  fire,  explosion, 
Location: Okinawa Airport
Country: Japan       Date: 20-08-2007

Added: 4233 days ago by
Ken Sayers
Runtime: 02:37 | Views: 42695 | Comments: 0
405 The Movie - AA DC-10 lands on the 405 in LA
An American Airlines DC-10 crash lands on the 405 freeway in LA in this fictional account of a guy in the wrong place at the wrong time. Probably the single most amazing aspect of 405...

Tags //
405  the  movie,  American  Airlines,  DC-10,  DC10 
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Country: United States      

Added: 4345 days ago by
Ken Sayers
Runtime: 02:26 | Views: 42120 | Comments: 1
      (1 ratings)
Honeywell Boeing 720 touch and go wing and engine view
Videographers Henry Tenby and Anthony Hickey from AirlineHobby.com DVDs visited Honeywell's Boeing 720 flight test operation in Phoenix in early February, 2007. In this clip we anchored a Sony HVR-A1U HD cam to the cabin...

Tags //
Honeywell,  Boeing  720,  707 
Location: Williams Gateway Airport, AZ
Country: United States       Date: 06-02-2007

Added: 4408 days ago by
Henry Tenby
Runtime: 01:27 | Views: 41715 | Comments: 2
      (7 ratings)
Lufthansa Boeing 747-200 delivery to Museum Speyer
Lufthansa donated one of their Boeing 747-200 aircraft to the Technik in Germany, and this short 2 minute clip shows the last flight and arrival to Speyer by barge and road, which took place in...

Tags //
Lufthansa,  Boeing,  747,  Museum,  Speyer,  Technik 
Location: Technik Museum Speyer
Country: Germany      

Added: 4296 days ago by
Ken Sayers
Runtime: 02:58 | Views: 40696 | Comments: 0
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