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Air North Boeing 737-200 action YVR JULY 22 2014 in HD
ORDER DVDS: http://www.henrytenby.com/dvd.html This morning I had the immense pleasure of spending some quality time at the airport to capture the Air North Boeing 737-200 departure operating a charter from the South Terminal. I had to...

Tags //
Location: YVR South Terminal
Country: Canada       Date: 22-07-2014

Added: 1767 days ago by
Henry Tenby
Runtime: 02:46 | Views: 5064 | Comments: 0
Swissair Convair CV-990A landing at Hong Kong early 1960s
Great footage filmed on board a Swissair Convair CV990 on decent and approach to Hong Kong Kair Tak in the early 1960s.

Tags //
Swissair,  Convair,  CV990,  Kai  Tak,  HKG,  Hong  Kong 
Location: inflight
Country: Hong Kong       Date: 02-02-1963

Added: 1837 days ago by
Ken Sayers
Runtime: 05:59 | Views: 12437 | Comments: 0
Sabena Caravelle Se-210 air-to-air late 1960s
Sabena Caravelle Se-210 air-to-air late 1960s. Various shots of the aircraft in formation above the clouds.

Tags //
Se-210,  Caravelle,  Sabena,  Belgium 
Location: inflight
Country: Belgium       Date: 05-05-1969

Added: 1847 days ago by
Ken Sayers
Runtime: 04:00 | Views: 9984 | Comments: 0
Sabena Se-210 Caravelles stock footage from 1967
Sabena Se-210 Caravelles stock footage from 1967 (silent) - People walk across the tarmac and start to board. Nose shot of the plane. Sabena Caravelle starts to taxi out.

Tags //
Se-210,  Caravelle,  Brussels,  Sabena,  Belgium 
Location: Brussels
Country: Belgium       Date: 04-04-1967

Added: 1847 days ago by
Ken Sayers
Runtime: 01:06 | Views: 9824 | Comments: 0
Russian Air Force Tupolev Tu-95MS Inflight HD video
Fabulous HD footage of a Russian Air Force Tu-95 taken in flight showing engines etc.

Tags //
Tupolev,  Russian,  Russia,  Bear,  Tu-95 
Location: in flight
Country: Russian Federation       Date: 02-02-2012

Added: 1847 days ago by
Ken Sayers
Runtime: 04:22 | Views: 9465 | Comments: 0
Yellowknife Classic Props and Jets Alive 1990s DVD Preview
BUY THE DVD: http://www.henrytenby.com/DVDs/Yellowknife.html Twenty years before Ice Pilots became a realty show hit, aviation videographer Henry Tenby was video documenting the vibrant Yellowknife aviation scene in the mid 1990s while employed by local airline NWT...

Tags //
Yellowknife,  DC-6,  Twin  Otter,  Beaver,  Floatplane,  G-1,  Conair 
Location: Yellowknife, NWT
Country: Canada       Date: 06-06-1994

Added: 1847 days ago by
Henry Tenby
Runtime: 01:30 | Views: 10825 | Comments: 0
Flying the NWT Air Boeing 737-200 DVD preview
BUY DVD HERE: http://www.henrytenby.com/DVDs/NWT737.html Yellowknife based NWT Air operated a fleet of three Boeing 737-200Cs linking the Northwest Territories with the Air Canada mainline, until the company was sold to First Air in 1997. Between 1993...

Tags //
NWT,  Boeing,  737,  737-200,  Yellowknife 
Location: Yellowknife, NWT
Country: Canada       Date: 04-04-1994

Added: 1847 days ago by
Henry Tenby
Runtime: 02:38 | Views: 10145 | Comments: 0
Air Canada Vickers Vanguard & Douglas DC-8 DVD Preview
BUY THIS DVD HERE: http://www.henrytenby.com/DVDs/AirCanadaVangDC8.html When Trans-Canada Air Lines first took delivery of their Vanguards in the early 1960s, the company PR department filmed the inaugural Vanguard flights to Jamaica, Barbados and Bermuda in colour. This...

Tags //
Air  Canada,  Vickers,  Vanguard,  Douglas,  DC-8 
Location: various locations
Country: Canada       Date: 02-02-1965

Added: 2040 days ago by
Henry Tenby
Runtime: 01:41 | Views: 12739 | Comments: 0
Air Canada in the 1970s DVD Preview with Boeing 747 Classic Lockheed L-1011 intro to service
ORDER DVD HERE: http://www.henrytenby.com/DVDs/AirCanada1970s.html The 1970s was an era of transition for Air Canada. The airline retired the last of the very popular Vickers Viscounts, as well as the Vickers Vanguards, and introduced the new widebody...

Tags //
Air  Canada,  Lockheed,  L-1011,  L1011,  Boeing,  747,  DC-8 
Location: various locations
Country: Canada       Date: 02-02-1973

Added: 2040 days ago by
Henry Tenby
Runtime: 02:18 | Views: 14214 | Comments: 0
Air Asia A320 Landing at the new airport in Indonesia
Landed at the newest airport of Indonesia, Kualanamu (KNO) at Medan, North Sumatera. Airbus A320-200 Air Asia from Jakarta.

Tags //
Airbus,  A320,  Medan 
Location: Kualanamu Int Airport (KNO)
Country: Indonesia       Date: 22-08-2013

Added: 2053 days ago by
Runtime: 03:58 | Views: 11619 | Comments: 0
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